c.1960 Yonezawa American Airlines Plane in Original Box

c.1960 Yonezawa American Airlines Plane in Original Box

Huge battery operated tin litho "Automatic Multi-Action Prop-Jet Plane" a.k.a. "American Airlines DC-7 Flagship California" manufactured by Yonezowa. Features seven actions and all of them work great! Complete with original box, instructions, boarding ramp, and all five inserts. 

Two piece plane (main wings and fuselage) uses 3 D-cell batteries. On/off switch on right wing. Actions include taxi forward, flashing engine lights with spinning propellers on the two engines closest to the fuselage, emits loud ratcheting noise, continues moving forward, start-up of additional two flashing engines/spinning, forward motion stops, all four engines stop, rear cabin door opens, stewardess appears at cabin door, passengers looking through left fuselage windows become blank (i.e., they've disembarked), cabin door closes and stewardess returns into plane, passengers appear at windows, engine lighting/spinning sequence begins again with plane moving forward. 

In addition to these complex actions it features authentic DC-7 design, quality construction, and lots of "playability". This includes authentic American Airlines Eagle logo, intricate litho detailing right down to the individual rivet heads, internal metal tabbing (improves safety), 4-blade soft white plastic propellers, red transparent engine housings, pivoting front tire (makes pre-selected random turns), external cockpit antenna (most likely a replacement), solid rubber tires, and separate in-scale AA boarding ramp. 

Large box with hinge type lid comes with all five original cardboard inserts. The cover has a large color pasted illustration with a listing of the battery operations. Inside cover has its original black and white schematic instructions.

Yonezowa trademark appears only on the underside of the fuselage. The box is marked only with the Cragstan logo which was actually the U.S. import company.

Size: 23½" wingspan, 21" long fuselage.

Sold: Nov. 2011

Price Sold: $ 730


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