c.1963 Marx Mechanical Disney Musical Choo Choo in Original Box

c.1963 Marx Mechanical Disney Musical Choo Choo in Original Box

Magnificent "Honeymoon Express-type" clockwork tin litho toy featuring a three dimensional Pluto figure....with one big difference. Unlike the Honeymoon toys, the underside of Pluto is attached to a mechanical hammer. As Pluto moves around the track the hammer strikes a series of musical keys hidden in the base. A new note is struck at every stage of Pluto's progress. A complete run produces the first bar of notes for "London Bridge is Falling Down" and it repeats over and over. It works methodically and a little slow, but it does indeed work!

Due to the scarcity of this toy and especially the scarcity of the box, collectors typically refer to this toy as "Musical Pluto". Fortunately this example comes complete with its original box verifying its correct name the "Disney Musical Choo Choo". As noted on the box this toy was marketed for pre-school children. This, combined with it's complexity and fragile mechanics are most likely the reasons it's so seldom seen today. The last boxed example I found was nearly four years ago.

It was beautifully designed in pastel shades of pink, blue, green and yellow. Flowers are festooned everywhere including both sides of the track. Birds and flowers are lithoed on the circular tunnel, while a second square tunnel is embossed with metal framework. The long tunnel in the center contains the clockwork mechanism. It has a permanently attached pink metal key protruding from the roof. Snow White and all seven Dwarfs are lithoed on the four walls of this tunnel. 

Examining the remaining surfaces nearly every major Disney character, including several obscure figures are represented. This includes Mickey, Goofy, Donald, one of Donald's nephews, a Chipmunk, Jiminy Cricket, and the White Rabbit. I don't recognize the cat character in the top hat (it's not the Cat in the Hat). 

The underside of the toy is enclosed with a solid pink plate with embossed feet. The solid color made it difficult to focus the camera (see 4th photo down). It has its original Marx Japan sticker on the underside. Except for Pluto's original rubber tail the toy is all tin litho. This qualifies it as one of the few, if not the only "honeymoon" toy without a cardboard base.

The box was printed with a solid pastel blue back ground. A photograph of the actual toy is on the cover. The name of the toy and photo appear on all four side panels. One panel still has its original sticker with price crossed out. It's one of the few toys bearing the Marx logo which was manufactured in Japan.

 Size: 8" square by 3" tall. 

Sold: Apr. 2007

Price Sold: $ 345


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