1929 Wolverine, No.53 Sunny Andy Cable Car in Original Box

1929 Wolverine, No.53 Sunny Andy Cable Car in Original Box

Extraordinary steel litho Sunny Andy Cable Car system by Wolverine. Complete with original double sided ticket booth, two cable cars, two collapsible tracks, pulleys, pulley cable, track support frame, all six steel weight plated balls, and most importantly the original box.

Cleverly designed system of weights and pulleys uses gravity, rather than a mechanical spring, for its power. Comes disassembled and flat. Sets up in seconds. Toys consists of two 45º triangle tracks set together base to base. This forms an equal angle on both sides eliminating any influence from the position of the track. Two angled cable cars, one on each track, are connected by a central string pulley. One cable car is heavier than the other. This automatically lowers one car while raising the other. 

Six heavy 2oz. steel balls are placed into the ticket building through an opening in the roof. A lever system holds the balls in place until a side lever is struck by one of the cars. This releases a ball which empties it into the car. The increased weight pulls the car down raising the height of the other car. When the heavier gets to the bottom the weight is automatically released through the hole in the bottom. This lightens it causing it to go back up to the ticket booth. Another ball is released and the cycle is repeated. The toy contains the complete set of six #" diameter steel balls. The balls are antique, but more than likely they're old replacements.

The toy comes with it's brilliant multicolored original box. It's covered with "swell" 1920's style illustrations. A drawing on the cover shows how to correctly set it up. The side panels have a fantastic color illustration of a boy and girl heavily entranced by the toys operation. This graphic is particularly neat to look at. I could find no references for this toy. 

This is only the second time I've found this toy. The first was nearly three years ago.

Size: 22" x 10½" by 1¾" (width of track).

Sold: Apr. 2007

Price Sold: $ 1026


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