c.1925 Metal Toy Co., No.10 Rapid Coaster in Original Box

c.1925 Metal Toy Co., No.10 Rapid Coaster in Original Box

Extraordinary clockwork steel litho wind-up toy manufactured by the Metal Toy Co., Pittsburgh, PA. Don't confuse it with the U.S. Metal Toy Co., Brooklyn, NY. which are known for their holiday noise makers. The toy is complete with all parts including Coaster car, plus its original box and original insert. It works beautifully and is in excellent+ condition. 

I spent several hours researching this toy and could find no reference to it, or the manufacturer. It's the only toy I've found from this company.

The track is green, track supports are red set into a yellow base. The entire underside is plated. It's a fairly complex toy using a combination of a ribbon spring, clockwork gears, a flywheel, and a steel plate counter-weight. 

The idea is simple. The Coaster races around an inclined track. When it reaches the lowest point it crosses onto a pivoting S-shaped track. It strikes a lever that protrudes through the center of this track releasing it from its locked position. The heavy counter weight lowers quickly, which simultaneously elevates the opposite end of the S-track (the end with the Coaster). In its raised position the Coaster accelerates down the steep incline, across the S-track, and reenters the loop. Once the load of the Coaster is removed, the S-track drops down and automatically locks into position. The car comes around again and the cycle repeats.  The race track separates into two sections.

The Coaster car design is reminiscent of a Bear Cat racer with rear torpedo shaped trunk and a flat radiator. 

The box is thick gauge, sturdy cardboard. The insert is double walled cardboard and is in fantastic condition. It did a good job securing the toy in place. The cover was printed in several colors and shows an accurate rendition of the actual toy. The manufacturer and toy name are prominently displayed along with a short instruction statement. The side aprons repeat the same illustration. The front and rear aprons include the toy name and silhouettes of children at play.  

Size: 15" x 6" x 9". 

Sold: May. 2007

Price Sold: $ 1526


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