1951 Marx Atomic Rocket Rifle In Original Box

1951 Marx Atomic Rocket Rifle In Original Box

Fantastic, over 2 feet long cap shooting Atomic Rocket Rifle by Marx. Only the second boxed example I've seen (the first was nine years ago) it comes complete with all three original rocket "projectiles". Originally available only as a Sears-Roebuck Christmas catalog exclusive for one year and then withdrawn. And best of all it works great!

The toy features a combination of black molded polystyrene plastic with a solid steel, silver painted barrel (pipe). It weighs nearly 2 pounds. The firing mechanism uses an exclusive Marx patent which required that the projectiles have an "X" shaped base. The rockets are two pieces, plastic shells

with removable rubber noses (so although one has a broken nose it can be easily replaced). The mechanism cocks by pulling back on the die cast metal slide underneath the barrel. Once cocked, the rocket can be dropped into the barrel and then fired. The "X" in the base of the rocket lines up with a die-cut "X" in the firing mechanism. Flat based projectiles will work, but they won't go far. The correct "X" projectiles fire very far! This idea of the sliding barrel with the "X" rockets was used several times by Marx in the early 1950s. The Marx Atomic Truck, Atomic Missile Launcher, and Atomic Cannon all used the same firing mechanism.

The trigger and trigger guard pull down to reveal the cap chamber. These parts are all die cast metal. As you can see in the photo of the trigger below (scroll about half way down) it has never been used.

The box for this toy is fabulous. It features a nearly full panel, fine line portrait illustration of the Atomic Rifle with every detail clearly shown. Underneath are shown a group of 1950s sci-fi lads with Tom Corbett fishbowl helmets with corkscrew antenna. Several of the boys seem to be firing their "projectiles" at an invading force on the opposite hill just as they raise their victory flag. A small building labeled "boys club" is drawn in the background. The toy name occupies the left side of this panel. The back of the box is divided into three color coded sections. Yellow includes a schematic and instructions for loading the caps. White in the center shows assembly of the projectiles. And blue has two schematics showing cocking of the firing mechanism and loading of the rockets. The narrow front and rear panels were printed with the name of the toy filling up the entire 29" side of the box. The endflaps, which were missing and replaced, have the toy name and Marx logo.

Size: 28½" long.

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 316


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