1934 Marx, Magic Garage with Clockwork Chrysler Airflow in Original Box

1934 Marx, Magic Garage with Clockwork Chrysler Airflow in Original Box

Question: "One of the many Marx toys. Have you all of them?" 

Answer: NEVER! 

......and this Magic Garage with clockwork Chrysler Airflow sedan is proof of that classic question. Until I found this example I had never before seen the toy or box.

Many collectors are familiar with the post-war version of the Magic Garage. Produced in 1950 it featured a single, high ceiling overhead door that opened automatically upon contact. It was all tinplate with a tin or plastic vehicle. 

In contrast, the toy below was based on the typical early 20th century garage that had two doors which opened horizontally in opposite directions. This barn type design had been in use for many years to accommodate horse drawn vehicles. The tinplate walls and base are pale yellow. It's featureless except for a nine pane die cut window on each side. The front doors were lithoed with windows and wooden supports. One thing that never changed was the roof design. It's all tinplate with four angled panels. The shingles were patterned after the old style of overlapped clay tiles and brightly colored in red, yellow and black. The toy name and early Marx logo were lithoed on the front roof panel.

The spring loaded doors are held closed by a simple release clip hidden underneath the pressed steel "foundation". A green enameled pressed steel ramp, separate from the garage, attaches to the clip with a small tab. Pushing down on the ramp depresses the clip which very quickly releases the doors. A horizontal groove in the ramp angles it up slightly and also displaces its weight. 

To make it all work Marx used included a wind-up clockwork vehicles which had the latest and most elegant automobile design. The streamlined Chrysler Airflow made its debut at the 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair. Weighing nearly half a pound the red and black auto is all pressed steel with a polished tin front grille and headlamps. The tires are solid rubber and have white enameled star hubs. The motor winds up from underneath the chassis and has no on/off switch. It works great and comes with its correct Marx key.

Best of all the entire mechanism works beautifully. But if the timing is off by even a fraction of a second the doors will slam into the car's front grille. The high condition of the toy provides the best evidence to its minimal use. Needless to say I didn't allow the car to try to enter the garage. Just the fact that everything worked was good enough for me. 

Complimenting the toy is its wonderful and completely illustrated original box. The main panels show the garage doors flying open just as the Chrysler starts up the ramp. It was printed in orange, black and white. The two side panels are just as awesome. They show a close-up of the car along with its occupants just about to enter the garage. Two young lads in the back seat are wearing ties and sweaters. Father, as driver steers his way between the swishing doors. Drawn in comic book style it even has word balloons above the drawings. The endflaps were printed with art deco striping, Marx logo, company name, address, and their "have you all of them" motto. 

Size: 15"long with ramp attached. 6½" wide. 4¾" tall. Auto 5½"

Sold: Dec. 2007

Price Sold: $ 802


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