c.1950 Johann Hofler, No.117 Loop the Loop Acrobatic Auto in Original Box

c.1950 Johann Hofler, No.117 Loop the Loop Acrobatic Auto in Original Box

I could find no reference to this unusual spring activated mechanical Loop the Loop Acrobatic Auto produced by Johann Höfler. The condition of the toy is amazing; near mint+ and most likely never played with. It comes complete with its characteristically European illustrated box which grades excellent+ to near mint. 

The simple, yet elegant design consists of two circular concentric tracks placed upright and laid side by side. On one end is the start building; yellow walls, lower brick litho, red litho windows, and light blue roof. One wall opens out onto the track. A spring mechanism under the base is drawn back using the tab located on the front. A second button near the tab releases the spring which rapidly ejects the auto. It jets through the twin loops and enters a "stop" building located at the other end of the track. For any subsequent "runs" the auto must be manually placed back into the start building. 

The Acrobatic Auto is embossed and lithoed to resemble a rocket car. It has polished tin wheels. Number 117, the toy's catalog number, was lithoed onto the front and rear license plates. The car is also marked "Made in Western Germany". There are no other markings on the car or base making it very difficult to identify without having the box. 

I didn't try the mechanism. Just one firing would permanently eliminate its near mint+ status. I can't see any reason why it shouldn't work, but I won't be the one to find out.

The gorgeous box hasn't a single shred of text on it. Only the company logo and catalog number were printed onto the side panels. The colors are so bright they appear almost iridescent. The illustrations on the two main box panels almost resemble a postcard. They show a circus or fair with the Loop the Loop in the center. A red and blue auto are already completing their runs as several faceless onlookers watch. The top of the cover repeats the main panel illustrations, but is truncated. The side panels show a closer view of the blue auto as it near the base of one of the loops. A single woman spectator looks on. The box bottom was constructed from the same yellow-brown, heavy stock paper/cardboard used in many German toys since the late 19th century. The original gray tissue paper separators are still inside the box.

Size: 9½" x 3½" x 5¼". Auto 2". 

Sold: Nov. 2007

Price Sold: $ 471


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