1940 A.C. Gilbert, 20 Puzzle Parties in Original Box

1940 A.C. Gilbert, 20 Puzzle Parties in Original Box

Colorfully illustrated box containing 20 chrome plated steel "puzzle parties". Puzzles have never been removed from original insert. Comes complete with original instructions for solving puzzles. This is important because without the instructions they're near impossible to solve.

Set consists of 20 metal configurations linked together in groups of two, three, or four separate objects. Goal is to separate each object without bending them. The tendency is to use a pair of pliers to physically wrench them apart, but the instructions provide the step-by-step clues for solving them with brains rather than brawn. Each puzzle is held in place to the insert with its original Gilbert metal clip. Here's what's included.

  • Twin Rings Puzzle
  • Question Puzzle
  • Twin Links Puzzle
  • Nail Puzzle
  • Heathen Ring Puzzle
  • Three Links Puzzle
  • Foxy Links Puzzle
  • Shamrock Puzzle
  • Wishbone Puzzle
  • The Grapples Puzzle
  • The Mysto Crosses
  • Vampire Puzzle 
  • Chinese Ring on String
  • Tangle Twister Puzzle
  • Spider Web Puzzle
  • Conjuring Rings Puzzle
  • Triangle Puzzle
  • Star and Crescent Puzzle
  • Spiral Wire
  • Three Rings Puzzle

The box shows a pair of hands solving The Question Puzzle. This toy was produced for many years. The instructions are copyrighted 1920.

Size: 18" x 10" x 1¼".

Sold: May 2007

Price Sold: $ 51


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