c.1911 Orobr, Clockwork Locomotive in Orig. Box

c.1911 Orobr, Clockwork Locomotive in Orig. Box

This tin litho clockwork locomotive marks the first time I've found an original box and original instructions for any toy manufactured by this small German company. Orobr went out of business in 1922. The true company name is Oro-Werke, but it's more commonly refered to their trademark text Orobr.

Featuring unusual serpentine movement it's in excellent to excellent+ condition and works great. 

Cab, engine, and wheels are brightly colored mandarin orange trimmed with pale yellow, white and black lithography. Exterior base is light gray with black underside. Headlamps and stack are also black. Features intricate line design on the boiler and cab. Boiler was embossed with rivets and a circular "bubble" up front. The ORO trademark and Made In Germany were lithoed in the center of this "bubble". 

The clockwork motor has four gears, a spring, and a rotating cam. The in and out movement of the cam continuously turns a single brass, toothed wheel to the right or left. Located just slightly behind the front axle, the methodical side to side movement of this single wheel gives the locomotive its serpentine movement. Never seen this type of cam activated motion before. Best of all it works great!

Original box includes a single color detailed portrait print of the locomotive. It's an accurate rendition of the toy with only track and steam added as well as the number 113 on the side of the boiler. In addition the lower left corner has the ORO-Werke trademark, while the right includes the company catalog number. The two piece box is a typical narrow-walled pressed cardboard. Corners were held in place using right angle staples. One side is marked, but the markings are half illegible. One of the cover aprons has written very lightly in pencil "from Papa to [can't make it out]". The bottom of the box bottom also has some fountain pen notations. 

The fragile instruction sheet (4¼" x 5¼") was printed in five languages on very thin paper. They are complete.

Size: 6½" x 2½" x 4¼".

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 1000


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