c.1950 Keystone Model 625 Racing Sailboat In Original Box

c.1950 Keystone Model 625 Racing Sailboat In Original Box

Extraordinary near mint in box Model 625 Racing Sailboat by Keystone. Never used. In fact, in making sure that it was complete I was the first to assemble it. The parts are all original including the three nylon (?) sails. The toy comes complete with its original triangular box. I made the wooden stand myself so it wouldn't lay down and run the risk of becoming worn. The stand is included.

The ship measures over two feet tall and over a foot and a half long. It's made from sanded pine and has a pressed steel keel. The rudder is white plastic and can be steered by turning the plastic deck wheel. The top deck was embossed to resemble floor planking and finished with a clear varnish. The hull is all white, keel green, red deck hatch, and steering area. It has its original "Skimmer" name decal on the bow. Just above it is the plastic bow spirit which ties down the two bow sails in front. There are two masts, the top mast and main mast connected together with a white plastic spreader. Both are wooden dowels with the top mast slightly narrower than the main.

The translucent sails appear to be nylon or some other type of strong plastic. The mainsail, above the wheel has "Racing Sails" printed on one side. Just above that is trademarked Keystone logo; a five pointed star with the capital "K" above it. Two wooden planks stapled together at the base of the mainsail make up the boom. The rigging holes through the sails are reinforced with small white fabric circles with a hole in the center. All 14 of these reinforcements are present along with the hooks and string rigging. It even has it's three original painted fabric sailing flags attached to the mast rigging.

I didn't use any knots in assembling the rigging. I wanted to make sure that it could be easily disassembled and that the string would all be factory complete.

The original box is unusual because of its wide triangular shape. Each end closes with three endflaps and all are still there. One panel includes a schematic and instructions. The second shows several simple illustrations of the Racing Sailboat with Keystone's guarantee to sail. The bottom of the box was intended for use as a display stand complete with water and buoys. A slot and two tabs were provided for this purpose.

Size: 27" x 19" x 3½".

Date Sold: Mar. 2008

Price Sold: $ 98


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