1958 Nomura, Chrysler New Yorker Station Wagon in Original Box

1958 Nomura, Chrysler New Yorker Station Wagon in Original Box

Outstanding friction powered tin litho 4-door Chrysler New Yorker Station Wagon manufactured by Nomura in pristine near mint+ condition. Super scarce vehicle, nearly a foot long and very accurately detailed. Comes complete with its original illustrated box which also grades a high excellent+.

Green two-tone automobile marked "CHRYSLER" in raised lettering on front hood. Features gold finished front grille with authentically styled ornament and four yellow, circular head lights.

Profile is dominated by two large tail fins. Each is capped with a tall, wedge-shaped chrome tail light. Wide style body has embossed doors, quarter panels, and front hood. Body sides trimmed with chrome plated doubled molding, rear "faux" louvers, and plated door handles. Additional plated parts include front and rear wrap around bumpers, head light trim, windshield frames, and rear license plate holder. Rear windshield manually raises and lowers.

All tin-litho, double bench set interior designed with green and white diamond checkerboard outlined in red. Rear luggage compartment detailed with two raised carriers. Fully detailed dashboard includes all-metal chrome plated steering wheel.

Original celluloid windshields are complete, front and back. Tires are solid rubber with lithoed metal whitewalls, chrome hubs and red centers. Embossed single plate charcoal gray chassis marked "Made In Japan" behind the rear axle.  No other manufacturer markings on the vehicle. 

Box features a panel wide cover illustration of the Chrysler Wagon in front of a "windowed" country background. Nomura T.N trademark printed in lower right corner. Particularly nice touch having the kid in the back seat waving! Front and rear aprons show the Wagon at a dusky lakeside with the family silhouetted against the water. Front apron was also printed with the pitch fork logo of Yamazaki Gangu (I.Y. Metal Toys) in the lower right corner. Side aprons include the vehicle model and half a profile with driver. Red bottom box section is complete.

Size: 11½".

Sold: Dec. 2007

Price Sold: $ 1246


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