c.1948 Courtland, U.S. Army Anti-Tank Car in Original Box

c.1948 Courtland, U.S. Army Anti-Tank Car in Original Box

Both fantastic and odd at the same time this tin litho Army Anti-Tank Car manufactured by Courtland epitomizes the "noir" styling of the early post-war architecture. Olive green throughout it features a transparent red plastic machine gun sticking out from the entire from windshield. The toy comes with its original box plus its original Courtland motor guarantee certificate.

The vehicle has a friction drive motor which, like all Courtland products, could be exchanged using the enclosed certificate if it ever broke. It's actually a sloped rear trunk coupe with wide, embossed front quarter panels. The front grille has a protruding center and recessed edges (sort of wavy). The rear edge is oval. The car was lithoed to resemble a riveted steel plated armor car. The sealed interior was vented with six sets of three yellow vents. "U.S. Army Anti Tank Squad" along with a five pointed star were lithoed onto both exterior doors and the rear trunk. The underside is black and a single plate. Tires are solid rubber with metal centers. It no longer sparks.

The wonderfully illustrated box was printed in a similar olive green color. It's also unusual that the box is illustrated with the actual toy. Typically most Courtland boxes are all text. It shows the sparkling Anti-Tank car blasting sparks from the front windshield. The "guarantee for life" motor statement also appears on every panel. The endflaps contain all text. 

Interestingly, the guarantee certificate is different from any I've seen before. It refers to the motor replacement PLUS sparkling, or siren replacement if needed. As I recall most of the Courtland guarantees include only the motor. The color of the scroll work also matches the car and box.

Size: 7½".

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 225


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