c.1955 Alps, High Jinks at the Circus in Original Box

c.1955 Alps, High Jinks at the Circus in Original Box

Awesome unsold store stock never played with. Never used. High Jinks at the Circus manufactured by Alps is a scarce toy on its own. But an example in near mint+ to mint condition with all six complex actions working beautifully, plus the complete ooriginal box is just amazing. The toy remained as store stock because it never worked. I've since had it repaired and everything works exactly as it's supposed to.

The toy separates into two section to fit inside the box. One includes clown plus the first pair of scissor extenders. The second includes the chimp with the remaining four pair of scissor extenders. The extenders on both sections fit one inside the other. It uses its original cord to tighten the sections together so it'll work properly. It's easy to do and the instructions are printed on the side of the box. 

During operation the clown raises his arms bringing them closer together. This action raises the scissor extenders an additional 15" from its lowest position. As it nears its full extension point the clowns nose lights up red while his head moves back and forth. Simultaneously he blows his whistle. At the highest point the clown begins to shake his right leg. This tightens the cord to its maximum limit. The other end of the cord is tied to the chimp. The action of tightening and loosening the clowns leg as it shakes, retracts then extends the scissors which causes the chimp to clang his cymbals together. What an amazing design! To see it in action is another of many reasons why I love doing this "work". 

The composition of the toy is as follows. The clown sits on a tin litho base. He sits on a suitcase which houses the battery compartment with its original door and latch. The on/off switch is located on its left side. The rear of the suitcase is marked "Made in Japan" and is the only markings on the toy I could find. The shoes are also tin litho. The body is made from a metal skeleton and covered with clothing made from different fabrics. The hands, or more precisely gloves, are also cloth covered. The clown's face is all celluloid. He has his original red lighted nose and it works great. The metal whistle in his mouth is also original and works perfectly. The hair is flocked and red cap is felt. The scissor extenders are all reinforced tin litho.

The chimp is covered with flocked fur and has a felt face with plastic eyes. The cymbals are brass plated metal. I have no idea what the cord is made from, but it's incredibly tough and not brittle in any way. 

The box has an wonderful illustration of the toy in action. A list of all its complex actions were printed down the left side of the front cover. Cragstan (the toys U.S. distributor) was printed on the cover and around the entire lower edge. The right and left side panels show another illustration of the clown and chimp, but close-up. Instructions for assembling the toy were also included on this panel. I'd advise to use them to make sure that it works correctly. The front and rear aprons show another drawing of the clown and chimp with some circus tents in the background. 

Also included are its three original inserts. These are important not only for completeness, but to insure that the toy will be secure.

Size: From a relaxed position of 14", it extends upwards to a total of 29"! Box approx. 11" x 7" x 7". 

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 389


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