c.1940 JRD Les Jouets Mécanique, Bumper Car in Original Box

c.1940 JRD Les Jouets Mécanique, Bumper Car in Original Box

The small French toy company J.R.D. manufactured this unusual clockwork steel litho Mechanical Bumper Car. The toy is complete with both of its original pressed wood fiber occupants, its original key, plus original box. It looks like old store stock; never been played with and in near mint+ to mint condition. 

The toy was designed as the classic tear-drop shaped amusement park car with embossed "bumper fender" around the bottom edge. The body and chassis were painted a deep maroon color. The front hood also has mirror imaged silver painted question marks (Mystery Car) and highlighted grille. 

The recessed cockpit holds its two twin riders. In true French fashion both occupants are wearing berets. The beret and chest on the right figure is painted white, and the left is pink. Their dot-faced expressions portray an element of surprise despite their painted simplicity. Both are made from compressed sawdust which was sanded and painted. I don't recall any other mechanical toy that used such an unusual raw material. The original key fits perfectly and is separate from the toy. 

It runs on four silver plated metal wheels. The front pair are powered by a strong clockwork motor. A steel rod attached to a loop on the motor connects to the rear axle. Rotation of the motor tightens and relaxes the rod which swivels the rear wheels. This give the Bumper Car side-to-side snake-like movement. The underside is embossed "J.R.D." and "Made in France". Best of all....it works as good as it looks; great!

The two piece, thin walled beige cardboard box is marked only with the applied label on the side. "Les Jouets Mécaniques" (mechanical toy), "J.R.D." and the 820 catalog number are the only printed text. Very faint European style pencil markings can barely be seen on the cover.

Size: 4¾" long and 3¼" at its widest point. 

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 325


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