1939 Marx Siren Sparkling Celebration Pistol in Original Box

1939 Marx Siren Sparkling Celebration Pistol in Original Box

This is an example of a rare pre-war Marx, Streamline Siren Sparkling Celebration Pistol complete with original box. Both toy and box are in spectacular near mint condition. In 38 years (as of 2007) it's the single only example I've ever seen of the toy or box. 

The pistol is deep red enameled, heavy gauge pressed steel with blue muzzle and upright tail fin. The paint is all factory original. It's streamlined art deco design is characterized by its forward slanted asymmetrical appearance, tapered bulbous frame, and angled tail fin. This exact same style was used for several other scarce Marx pressed steel pistols including the Flash Gordon Signal Pistol ray gun and the Siren Sparkling Airplane Pistol. 

The gun features a large chrome plated siren viewable through a window on the left side of the frame. It also has an internal sparking emery wheel housed underneath the polished steel cover on the top of the gun. The flat bottom grip plate is also polished and marked "Made In USA". Both the siren and sparkler work beautifully. 

Of course its most pronounced feature is its large patriotic decal on the right gun frame. It includes a detailed illustration of the famous "Spirit of '76" fife and drum militiamen painted by Archibald McNeal Willard in 1876. Red, white, and blue striping partially surrounds the illustration with the name of the toy printed in bight yellow. Only the word "sparkling" is red. The Marx logo located on the decal above the letter "L" in pistol is the only logo on the toy. 

The box is absolutely gorgeous. The patriotic color scheme with yellow highlights matches the pistol. The main panels show a large hand held portrait of the toy surrounded by its extensive name. Each of the four words in the name were printed to represent that specific word using a different size, font, and color. As far as the side panesl one of them was divided into two illustrations. On the left is a young lad with sparkling pistol in hand and the American flag emblem behind him. The right side shows a pre-war Army style infantryman leading a city air raid using his Streamline Celebration Pistol. The opposite side panel was printed with extensive directions for replacing the sparkling metal. The endflaps include the name of the toy, manufacturer name, and address. 

Size: 7" x 5" x 2½".

Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 1675


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