1968 Marx, Mechanical Moon Creature in Original Box

1968 Marx, Mechanical Moon Creature in Original Box

Marx originally produced four versions of their mechanical "insect" toy. This white Mechanical Moon Creature with the universal symbol of an atom on its chest is by far the most difficult to find. It's all tin litho except for the vinyl antenna and plastic google eyes. It also comes with its original box, which by itself, is the scarcer of two versions. 

The toy is lithoed primarily in white and decorated with a red harness which holds two propulsion tanks on his back. The front body is embossed with horizontal ridges. The head, which is half beige and half white consists of two bowled metal sections fitting on top of one another. The top half opens and closes forming the mouth. As the mouth raises and lowers it simultaneously rolls forward with its arms moving, accompanied by an internal clicking sound. Key is attached.

The box was illustrated with the scarce white version on the cover. Although the box is difficult to find, typically when it is found it has the less common version on the cover. Both versions are shown on the side of the box.

Size: 5" tall, 3" diameter 

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 191


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