c.1954 Linemar Honeymoon Cottage Express In Original Box

c.1954 Linemar Honeymoon Cottage Express In Original Box

Since 1926 Louis Marx Co. produced over 40 versions of their classic Honeymoon Express toy. By the 1950s it was manufactured in Japan under the Linemar name, the Marx subsidiary. This example of the Linemar toy is in near mint condition complete with its original box plus all five inserts.

The toy is all tin litho, has a spring wound motor, and attached key. Unlike the earlier Marx toys, it was built on a square base and was slightly smaller. (Marx toy has circular base). New to this version was the Honeymoon Cottage name on the center building roof. The train is a single piece, red and yellow, and partially segmented to make it appear like three separate cars. The center car is labeled "Honeymoon".

The train revolves through three "stone" lithoed tunnels. A signal crossing and gate crossing quickly raise up and down as it passes. The square base shows city and country scene of vehicles, trees, mountains or buildings. It has its original cardboard base fixed to the underside of the toy.

The toy works great and appears to have never, or seldom, been played with.

The box features a color cover illustration of a long multi-car train passing through a tunnel and over a grade crossing. A single car waits on the adjacent road. Side views of of a much longer train are shown on the box aprons. It still has its original .98¢ price sticker. It has all five inserts (which are tough to find).

Size: 7" x 7" x 2½".

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 178


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