1941 Marx, Sparkling Anti-Aircraft Defense Gun in Original Box

1941 Marx, Sparkling Anti-Aircraft Defense Gun in Original Box

"Extraordinary" best describes this unusual and seldom found Marx, Sparkling Anti-Aircraft Defense Gun complete with original stand. Even more amazing, it comes with its original box and it works beautifully!

This is a mechanical wind-up toy with an attached cast iron key located on the right side of the barrel. It measures a hefty 17" long. The housing, barrel, and handles are embossed, lithoed pressed steel. Details such as elevation tables are lithoed on both sides of the housing. The range finder and ammunition drum are lithographed tin. The ends of the red handles are supposed to be open (their not missing caps). 

Wind 'er up and aim using the black and silver range finder. It has an internal mirror which is angled so you can spot your quarry above. When you're ready, squeeze the ribbon trigger. Immediately a continuous stream of machine-gun "braaaks" are produced while simultaneously the ammunition drums rotates. Sparks fly out from the forward gun barrel vents. Everything works. A totally neat toy!

The gun comes complete with its original sparkling flint cover (red metal part on the top of the barrel) and original steel rod stand. It stands perfectly balanced because someone welded the two rod halves together for it to rest on. It still easily swings up and down. 

The red and black printed box is illustrated with a huge panel wide drawing showing two lads shooting down enemy aircraft. Clad in short sleeves and shorts they seem to be really enjoying the massacre. "Defense Gun" is sprawled across most of the box. This is repeated on all four sides. The box is actually just as awesome as the toy itself. 

Size: 17" x 10½" tall on the stand. 

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 292


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