c.1957 Nomura, Battery Operated (Robot) Tractor in Original Box

c.1957 Nomura, Battery Operated (Robot) Tractor in Original Box

Extraordinary mint in box example of one of the most popular Japanese robot tractor bulldozer toys manufactured during the 1950's. One of the highest grades I've seen for this model. Blazing tin litho surfaces, supple rubber treads, flawless appearance, all original, no repairs, and smooth working motor accurately characterize this toy. The toy is complete and all original. Only the rubber band fan belt was replaced. The original is still inside the box. In fact the box still contains both original inserts.

Terrific multi-action toy moves forward, or reverse using the switch lever located to the right of the robot. During operation the treads revolve, the clear plastic engine housing lights up, the pistons move up and down, the engine fan spins, and the fan belt turns. Best of all, each of these functions work consistently...and they work well! 

Features silver blockhead robot with coiled antenna which can be easily removed. Lotsa chrome (grille, exhaust, hitch, and cockpit levers). Deep red colored chassis with charcoal gray hood and battery covers. Pistons are chrome plated and positioned on a tin litho base with a clear transparent engine cover. The Nomura and Showa trademarks appear on the box, but not on the toy. One, or both, may have been the manufacturer and/or subcontractor. Showa probably printed the box. 

Size: 9½" long x 5" wide x 6" tall.

Sold: Mar. 2006

Price Sold: $ 500


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