1961 Bandai, 4pc. Vacationer Set in Original Box

1961 Bandai, 4pc. Vacationer Set in Original Box

Fantastic four piece tin litho friction drive "Vacationer Set" from Bandai, Japan. Includes Ford Falcon sedan, outboard motor boat, house trailer, and boat trailer. Both the Ford and boat have friction drive motors. Set grades overall NM. Comes complete with two boxes; one packages all four toy components. The second is an original box lid for the Falcon and is used as an insert. 

Embossed tin litho, beige body with black chassis. Chrome plated grille assembly, rear bumper, windshield frame and hub caps. Blue tinted front and rear celluloid windshields. Ford logo embossed on front hood. "1961" lithoed on front license plate. Blue bench seat interior with plaid cushions. Includes lots of dashboard detail and plastic steering wheel. Size: 8". 

Outboard Motor Boat
Light lime green deck and mandarin orange hull embossed tin litho. Red and white life preserver separately tabbed onto the bow. Tin litho interior with dashboard detail and plastic steering wheel. Chrome plated windshield frame with blue tinted celluloid windshield. Friction motor works using crank wind handle. Spins the plastic propeller for a good 20-30 seconds. Rudder is tin litho and can be adjusted right or left. Size: 8½".

House Trailer
Rectangular box-like early 1960's design. All tin litho body with embossed horizontal lines on every side. Rear door is sealed. Front door is hinged and opens using the chrome plated handle. On this same side the scalloped red and white striped awning pulls out several inches from the trailer body. Include a total of 10 windows. Each is chrome plated framed and has its original blue tinted celluloid "glass" in place. Red roof has both original plastic red button air vents. Chassis is embossed. Has two rubber tires with metal lithoed hubs on free rolling axle. Has front and rear hitches, but no place on the car to actually hitch them to. Size: 8½" x 3" x 3". 

Boat Trailer
Blue embossed tin litho with hinged boat supports. Triangular shape to accommodate boat (but be careful or it'll scratch the hull) with front hitch. Solid rubber tires with lithoed metal hubs. Smaller single front wheel is also solid rubber. Size: 9¼".  

Box & Inserts
Awesome full front panel color illustration showing three families vacationing. Each part of the set is included. The house trailer is shown with two awning supports, however if these existed there's no place to attach them. I can only assume that they were drawn, but never actually part of the set. The Falcon insert is the same box lid used when the car was sold individually. Full color Bandai box with U.S. state license plates on each side panel. A second flat cardboard insert is also included. Size: 10½" x 9¾" x 3½". 

Sold: Apr. 2006

Price Sold: $ 996


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