c.1930 Jacrim (Keystone), No. 221 Dory in Original Box

c.1930 Jacrim (Keystone), No. 221 Dory in Original Box

dory; a flat-bottomed boat with high flaring sides, sharp bow, and deep V-shaped transom (interior)
Webster's Dictionary

Magnificent early wooden "Dory" pond boat manufactured for Keystone by the Jacrim Company. This beautiful boat has never been used and most likely was never assembled. It comes complete with its rare original box. 

I could find no reference or previous sale to this boat, in print or on the Internet.

Earlier in 2012 I sold a 1930 Jacrim (Keystone) Seaworthy Schooner in the original box. It too had never been used. This Dory was purchased from the same source; a museum deacquisition.

Amazingly the sides of this flat-bottomed boat were made from two single pieces of wood which were somehow curved to form the hull. It's held together using both screws and dowels. This model has two transverse seats with a single mast pegged through the forward plank. 

The single sail is flax linen reinforced with hemmed folded edges with brass grommets and metal rings. It's stamped with a five-pointed star marked Jacrim in the center. The lines have been replaced with old looking material. The original line was still inside the box, but it was completely disintegrated. 

The upper two thirds of the hull were painted flat orange, however the lower third including the underside was stained rather than painted. This makes much of the wood grain visible. The interior including the seats were painted tan. 

The box was printed with the name, catalog number, and manufacturer name on both sides. The name and number were reprinted on one of the endflaps. The box is complete with the exception of one of its eight original endflaps. This has been replaced with paper manufactured from the same time period. 

The Jacrim Company produced wooden toys for Keystone Mfg. as early as 1922. They were acquired in 1930. The Jacrim name was discontinued in 1934.

Size: 22¾" length. 19½" tall. 

Sold: Oct. 2012

Price Sold: $ 88


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