1934 Chicago Worlds Fair Bakelite Bubble Pipe Pistol

1934 Chicago Worlds Fair Bakelite Bubble Pipe Pistol

Here's an unusual toy that's historic and just a little bit bizarre. This is a beautifully embossed solid Bakelite, toy bubble pipe. The unusual thing about it is ....it's perfectly molded in the shape of a pistol hand gun! The bottom of the grips serve as the fluid well, while the gun barrel stem was inserted into your mouth!

In fact the last 1" of the barrel tip was molded exactly in the shape of a pipe stem. The remaining 1½" of the barrel looks like an authentic gun component.

It was purchased, or given away, as a souvenir from the 1934 Chicago World's Fair Century of Progress. It has an official Chicago Century of Progress decal on the pipe well. The decal was applied so that it would be right-side up when used as a bubble pipe.

The piece was also accurately designed. The scale is uniform. In other words there isn't any part that's comparatively too big or too small. The pistol section is solid chocolate brown, while the bubble well is speckled with red. It has two small holes at the bottom. Scroll work was embossed around the frame and bullet chamber, while the entire grip has a scalloped snake-skin design.

Size: 5"

Date Sold: Feb. 2008

Price Sold: $ 126


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