c.1948 Gong Bell Mfg., Pla-Pay-Phone in Original Box

c.1948 Gong Bell Mfg., Pla-Pay-Phone in Original Box

Unbelievable mint in mint box, coin slot play telephone. Old store stock. First time out of the display box was for these photo's. Purchased from a retired telephone worker who originally purchased it new off the shelf. Only slight yellowing of the box and the ultra high quality of the toy tells that it's 58 years old. Paper labels around the dial and near the coin slots are perfect! 

Very accurately manufactured it even makes a telephone gong sound when a coin is inserted. The sound is separate from the two bells on the front which are rung when the dial is turned. 

It's solid pressed steel construction throughout. The black components are pressed steel painted black. They're not plastic or bakelite. 100% of the original chrome plating remains on the bells, dial and ringer. The receiver is also pressed steel with chromed ear and mouth pieces and black painted body.

The paper label slots for inserting coins are perfect. Push too hard and they'll scuff, but there's not a mark on these.

The backside of the phone is solid steel plate all chrome plated. It has its four original rubber suction cups so you could stick it on the wall (although I wouldn't attempt it now). The blue disk underneath the finger holes is tinted aluminum. It's has it's original green cord which connect the receiver to the phone.

The original box is die cut so that the external bells, coin slots, coin return and the top half of the dial are exposed. The top flap was also printed with the same image so that when its lifted up it lays exactly over the lower section of the phone. I've shown that in the first box photo. The side images on the box show exactly what you'd see on the side of the phone; from the right you'll see the receiver (photo shown) and the left you'll see the dialer and coin slot.

The back of the box shows two kids talking over their phones, as well as short instructions for mounting using the suction cups. The top of the box which includes the name of the toy and manufacturer name, lifts up for display. It's still in place. Plus there's a separate instruction sheet fitted inside the handle of the receiver.

Size: 8" x 4" x 2½".

Sold: Jun. 2006

Price Sold: $ 148


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