c.1950 JNF, Clockwork Porsche Speedster "Prototyp" with Key

c.1950 JNF, Clockwork Porsche Speedster

Magnificent example of one of the most technically brilliant clockwork vehicles ever manufactured in Germany. Marked "Made In Germany U.S. Zone" it features solid construction, accurate details, metallic cyan body, black chassis, rubber treaded tires, and cast iron nickel plated key. The key is marked "Germany". I was told by a German collector that this is the original key. 

Best of all is the condition. Absolutely perfect, pristine mint condition without a single mark on it. The paint is all original. This was the centerpiece of a recently dismantled collection. From the looks of it, it must've been carefully protected and stored. 

The toy features a single piece embossed heavy gauge tinplate body. The chassis is single plate and so tightly integrated with the body that it doesn't even allow daylight through. It has several chrome plated accessories including the narrow bumpers, bubble type wheel hubs, rear trunk air intake grating, headlight rims and hood divider. The interior details include a fully lithoed dashboard, front and rear seats, and rear cowl.

The front wheels can be positioned either by using the knurled ring just below the front hood or by turning the metal steering wheel. The latch on the driver's side door releases the clockwork motor. The headlamps appear to be glass. The flat solid plate chassis is marked with the JNF logo and model name. This prototype (i.e. in German it's "prototyp") version is much more difficult to find than it friction counterpart produced nearly two years later. However, the friction version is also difficult to find.

Size: 8" x 4".

Sold: Sep. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1225


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