c.1947 Metal Masters 4pc Toy Set In Original Box

c.1947 Metal Masters 4pc Toy Set In Original Box

Extraordinary 4 piece die cast metal vehicle set manufactured by Metal Masters, Philadelphia, PA. Complete with original box and insert they have never been played with. 

This short lived company originally produced some of the vehicles before WWII. They were recast, or used as old stock, for this set after the war. All have their original black wooden wheels and are embossed with the manufacturer's name on the underside. Except for the minuscule condition points mentioned below they're perfect without any wear!

ABC Towing Service Tow Truck (c.1938)  7" long, Grades near mint+ with tiny nick on center rear roof, right rear pick up bed edge, and front right fender. Decals complete on both doors except for the edge of the oval closest to the bed. Comes with original tow boom, hook, and string which has never been assembled or unwound. I've shown the underside of only this one vehicle below. The other three are the same; mint!

Fire Dept Truck (c.1938)  7" long, Grades near mint+ to mint with only tiny manufacturer's defect on front right fender (probably why the set was marked down in price and most likely never sold). Fire Dept. decals on both doors are 100% intact. Top face of the little tab on the rear of the roof has pin point wear from the box lid. Comes with original metal ladder which has never been removed from original paper bag.

Streamlined Roadster (c.1938)  7" long, Grades near mint+ to mint with only couple of tiny fleck on right edge of running board, corner edges of front fender, and side of front left fender. Awesome vehicle!

Military Jeep (c.1947)  5½" long, Grades perfect 10 out 10 without a single nick or point of wear. Steering wheel and split front windshield are die cast, not aluminum! Features Army insignia on the front hood.

Box  15" x 12" x 3"   Fantastic cover illustration and strong, bold color throughout. Complete with printed color insert and box bottom. Lower half of the box bottom remains uncovered when the cover is placed on top giving it a two-piece ad effect.

Date Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 225


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