c.1964 Technofix, Olympic Soccer Game in Original Box

c.1964 Technofix, Olympic Soccer Game in Original Box

Outstanding near mint in box tin litho playing field sports game toy with original chrome plated steel ball. Comes complete with original box and instructions.

Toy features 22 movable tin litho players which move in set diagonal distances on an embossed playing field. Complex interconnected scissor mechanism located underneath the field moves players in two groups. Using chrome plated levers on each end, the operator can move five players with one lever and six players with the other lever simultaneously.  

Toy is lavishly detailed with authentic European and American company logos on the raised perimeter fences around the field. Wrigley's, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, TWA, Shell, Dunlop, Kodak, and Citroën are just a few of those included. Restaurants and ticket booths were lithoed on each outer corner.

Each player is embossed with arms, head, legs and feet. Intricate details such as shirt collars and sock stripes were lithoed for added realism. In addition, the entire underside of the field including the scissors mechanism were chrome plated. The ball is a steel ball bearing and the goalie nets are plastic. 

I was told by one collector that the ball should be tin litho, however I've never seen one and neither had the collector. There is evidence to the contrary; the side of the box illustrates a solid colored ball, a tin litho ball would be light enough to be kicked off the field during play, and the chrome plating on the ball indicates that it's not new. 

The box cover has a panel wide color illustration of a soccer game under way. It's shown from the players perspective on the field just as a goalie is defending a well placed kick. Side aprons include a line drawing of the toy with two young lads playing the game. A second smaller color illustration of the toy is shown on the short side aprons, along with the manufacturer name and logo. The original price sticker is still on the side of the box. The original one page instruction sheet for "Rules for Soccer Game" was printed in English only. Because the toy was called Soccer and not Football it was most likely made for the American market.

Size: 21" x 12½" x 2". 

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 104


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