1957 Juro Novelty, Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Doll in Original Box

1957 Juro Novelty, Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Doll in Original Box

Fantastic example of  Paul Winchell's ventriloquist doll Jerry Mahoney. This is an unused factory sample in pristine mint condition. It comes complete with its original box and instruction booklet.

The story behind the toy.
This was one of nearly 400 toys discovered in the attic of the former Producer of the Ed Sullivan show. Relatives of the Producer found the hoard after his death in 1999. The man had been a friend of toy king Louis Marx. Marx frequently gave away toys that were product samples, poor sellers, exclusives, and competitor products. The Producer was not a collector and so the toys he was given were stored in his attic where they laid untouched for nearly 50 years. I purchased them through an intermediate of the family and gradually sold the collection over the next several years keeping only two for my collection.

One of the toys I sold from the collection was this Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist doll in its original box. As with the entire lot it had never been out of  the box. I sold it five years ago by private sale. I was recently contacted when the collector I had sold it to had passed away. I repurchased the toy and am now pleased to offer it for second ownership. A letter of authenticity will be provided with the doll. I'll also include color copies of illustrated first day cancelled envelopes addressed to the Sullivan Theater which I found in several of the toy boxes.

This was the second Jerry Mahoney model produced by Juro. It has a vinyl head with molded red hair and movable mouth. The mouth is controlled by a cord located on the back of the neck underneath the clothing. The hands are also vinyl. It has a stuffed cloth body and is dressed in a two-tone green suit with wide lapels and matching trousers. Jerry wears a white collared shirt with a red and white polka dot bow tie. He has cloth feet and has both original brown vinyl shoes which are removable. The stand is not included. 

Jerry comes with his original box and four page instruction booklet. A black and photograph of Jerry and Paul Winchell appear on the cover. The side of the box was printed with a red and black illustration which included the manufacturer name and address. 

Size: 22". 

Sold: Aug. 2006

Price Sold: $ 356


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