c.1952 Beton, 13pc. Large Circus Set in Original Box

c.1952 Beton, 13pc. Large Circus Set in Original Box

Bergen Toy and Novelty Co., *Hackettstown, NJ produced this wonderful 11 piece polystyrene (hard plastic) Circus Animals Set (#Z-353). The toy is mint in box and has never been removed from the insert. The original factory rubber bands still hold the figures in place. 

Bergen Toy and Novelty had been in operation since 1938. They were one of the most proliferate toy companys producing the greatest number of domestic made figures from 1942 through 1950. Their "golden age" began around 1950 when the company relocated to Hackettstown, NJ and molded their own toys. Before this time the company used a third party manufacturer. The introduction of soft plastic, plus strong competition eventually led to their demise. 

This set consists of nine animals and four human figures. The company also produced a Small Circus Animals set which contained eight pieces. The company's "tell-tale" signature of using only scant amounts of paint is evident. Only the human figures were painted and even then only a small area was covered. Intentional differences in molded color were used on all of the animals, however only the camel's rear hump shows any marbling. 

Each figure is held to the insert with the original factory rubber band. It's amazing that none are broken or missing. The individual pieces measure at their longest distance as follows.

  • Moose 3¾" 
  • Camel 3½" 
  • Clowns 2 7/8" 
  • Horse (Cowboy) 2¾" 
  • Cowboy 2¼" 
  • Horse (Cowgirl) 3¼" 
  • Cowgirl 2 1/8
  • Giraffe 4½" 
  • Bison 4¼" 
  • Crocodile 5½" 

The box is just fabulous. It was produced at the height of the company's business. Before 1950 most were plain text without illustration. It's an applied laminate print. A brilliant mix of red, yellow, blue, and white were used to create a myriad of images. The toy is fantastic, but in my humble opinion it's the box which really makes the toy attractive. 

Size: Box 16" x 11½" x 2".

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 123


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