1942 Wyandotte, Air Raid Defense in Original Box

1942 Wyandotte, Air Raid Defense in Original Box

Complete steel litho target game by Wyandotte in its original box. Very difficult to find with all the parts and unused. Typically, once the darts were broken or lost, the rest of the game faded into the attic. Somehow this example survived. The Air Raid Defense set was the last pre-war target game produced by Wyandotte. 

The steel litho target is 9½" square. It's ¼" thick with rolled metal edges. It shows five airplanes, each with a different point value. One plane each was lithoed into a corner. The red, blue, and white planes are shown above a large city. The plane in the upper left corner has already been hit and has the highest value of 200. The target center features the largest enemy plane in its own "air space" window. A direct hit trips a spring mechanism in the back which then drops down to reveal a 500 point value. Included with the target is its original heavy gauge black steel stand. 

Included with the set is its original heavy gauge steel, black enameled revolver. It weighs half a pound, is 7½" long,  and is stamped with the manufacturer's logo and patent number. The gun uses a compressed spring inside the barrel to release a dart. Two 5" long darts were sold with the set and both are still there on their original Wyandotte header card. They're the older type dart with wooden shafts and natural rubber suckers. If it matters, I did not test the gun or fire a dart. 

The red, white, blue, and black box has an accurately drawn illustration on the front and rear main panels. It shows the target, revolver, and two darts. The Wyandotte name and logo was also included, as well as instructions directing a "hit" on the center bomber. 

Size: Box; just slightly over 9½" square. 

Sold: Dec. 2006

Price Sold: $ 159


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