1953 Buddy L, Spitfire Machine Gun in Original Box

1953 Buddy L, Spitfire Machine Gun in Original Box

Over 2 feet long this awesome Spitfire Machine Gun is complete and in NM condition. It has a large manually rotated hand crank which creates a loud simulated rat-tat-tat noise. It can also feed a standard roll of percussion caps through the detonating mechanism. The toy has been infrequently used and comes complete with its original box plus warranty certificate. I've shown a photo with an orange plug as required by ebay so you know it doesn't shoot real bullets, real people, or real ebay executives....(Jul. 2012...I left this last sentence in on purpose).

Fantastic toy has two front legs which collapse down for use as a machine gun. Fold them up and it's a tommy gun! The rifle consists of a mottled brown plastic stock and hand grip. The barrel is plated steel with a polished aluminum perforated jacket. The frame and crank are also plated steel. "Buddy L" and several five-pointed stars are engraved in large script letters on both sides of the frame. A lock hinge on the right side of the gun releases the drop down cap chamber. It weighs nearly two pounds. 

The box has a terrific panel wide illustration on the cover showing a rather muscular young lad squeezing off a few rounds. Smoke rings and "bang bang bang" indicate its cap or non-cap playing abilities. Schematic directions for loading the cap chamber and the toy name are printed on the long side panels. Simple portrait drawings of the gun are shown on the short side panels. 

The original warranty certificate includes maintenance and cleaning instructions as well as requirements for its return to the company if it becomes defective. 

Size: 25" x 2¾" wide, 8½" high with legs extended.

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 278


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