1954 Georg Kohler, Ostrich Cart in Original Box

1954 Georg Kohler, Ostrich Cart in Original Box

Superb mint in box example of unusual tin litho and plastic clockwork toy. Manufactured in Nuremberg, Germany by Georg Köhler. Includes original hand painted composition driver and period cast iron nickel plated detachable key. Comes complete with original box and packing material.

Toy features realistic ostrich movement with swaying head and rhythmically, rapid moving legs. Embossed wings and eye sockets, along with kaleidoscopic coloration all add to its lifelike appearance.  Even the thick yellow plastic legs have a natural feeling to them with split hooves, muscles and rough skin. 

The cart has an embossed tin litho bench seat and plastic wheels with heart-shaped spokes and raised edges. The driver is hand painted composition material. He holds the original bridle cord in his right hand, while he grips an Oriental paper umbrella in his left hand. The umbrella has its original bamboo pole, however the blue paper and ribbing were replaced because they had completely disintegrated from age. The toy can move straight or in circles by changing the position of the yoke. The toy works beautifully!

The box features a full color color cover illustration without any text. It shows the detailed drawing of the ostrich cart in an African-like plains setting with a thatched hut in the background. A boy runs along side. The front and rear box aprons show a more cartoon-like drawing of the cart with several more children in the scene. The side aprons have the company logo and a small line drawing of the toy.

Size: 8" long, 5" tall. 

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 292


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