1954 Nu-Age Products Smoke Ring Gun In Original Box

1954 Nu-Age Products Smoke Ring Gun In Original Box

Super cool Smoke-Ring Space Gun manufactured by Nu-Age Products, Beverly Hills, CA. It comes complete with its original box and unused pack of Smoke Pellets. Graded as near mint by Hake's Americana auctions.

The gun is heavy solid plastic except for the lithographed metal pellet housing in front of the trigger. The top fin was embossed with a "smoke ring gun" logo on both sides. A raised ring around the barrel was painted maroon. The trigger is pressed steel.

The smoke pellets are nearly identical in size and appearance to a pack of 15 matches. A single pellet and match striking surface (not included) are inserted into the pellet chamber. It ignites when the holder is closed. This was one of those really neat toys that was the greatest thing you ever saw, UNTIL you ran out of the propriety "ammunition". I didn't try to actually use the gun, nor would I recommend it. It could damage the gun plus it uses the valuable, scarce pellets.

The original box features an awesome illustration of the Smoke-Ring Gun in action. The rings "coincidentally" look like an atomic mushroom cloud! A 1950s type kid in the top left corner tells prospective owners, "Hey Fellas! Look! It's Terrific!". A list of instructions for its use are laid out in excruciating detail on one of the end flaps. Additional enticements state that it "shoots real smoke rings". "It's the real thing", and "No Fire, No Fuss, No Fumes".

Size: Gun 9" x 6"

Date Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 154


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