1960's BCM (England), Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol

1960's BCM (England), Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol

Glittering chrome plated die cast metal Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol. Heavy and solid repeating cap gun. Sparking chamber is covered on both sides with transparent red plastic bubble halves (so you can see the spark). Manufactured in England by BCM. Includes original targeting loop on gun barrel which raises and lowers, both original transparent red plastic cap chamber covers, rotating dials, and rear barrel scope. 

Cap chamber is raised (and filled) by holding down the knurled switch located on the curved rear section of the gun. Chamber is spotless, still completely chromed and without any sulfurous odor indicating that it was probably never used.

Size: 10" long, 5½" wide and weighs a hefty 1 pound. 

Sold: Dec. 2005

Price Sold: $ 135


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