1954 Showa, Pennsylvania Line Electric Locomotive in Original Box

1954 Showa, Pennsylvania Line Electric Locomotive in Original Box

It's difficult to convey through photo's the flamboyant look of this toy. Set against a jet black glossy body the manufacturer used high contrast colors to give it a flashy, expensive look. In addition, almost every detail is embossed giving it a weird realistic appearance.  Every window frame, door, vent, ladder, railing, roof panel, wheel, and undercarriage was embossed. The sides are also embossed with a small white dove, the number "EF.5817", and a gold Lucky Star.

In addition the four center windows on each side are die cut. So are the quarter-moon windows highlighted in gold between each wheel. It has separately tabbed dummy emergency roof lights front and back. The two electric scissor conductors on the roof can raise and lower. Although it has four pairs of wheels only one is friction powered. The roof is marked Pennsylvania Line Electric Locomotive on both sides. 

The name and logo of Hadson was lithoed on the lower sections of both the front and rear cabin doors. However, Hadson was only the U.S. importer, not the manufacturer. To complicate it further the toy and box do not have the actual manufacturer's name or logo. Fortunately I was able to identify it using an obscure hard cover reference published in 1992 by the Japanese Tin Toy Museum, Kyoto, Japan. An earlier olive green version of this locomotive was also produced before the war. 

The two piece manila colored box features a medium size color print on the cover. It shows a terrific color illustration of the electric Pennsylvania Lines locomotive. Again, the Hadson logo was used. The toy also  has its original tissue packing paper inside the box and original Japanese quality approval inspection sticker on the side panel. Written in pen on the top left cover corner was the date and price (range?).

Size: 13", 2¾" wide, 5" tall.

Sold: Nov. 2006

Price Sold: $ 181


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