1958 Nylint Mechanical Jr. Jack Hammer Drill in Original Box

1958 Nylint Mechanical Jr. Jack Hammer Drill in Original Box

Very unusual and very neat Mechanical Junior Jack Hammer Drill produced by Nylint Toy. 

Toy is an unused recent attic find in perfect mint condition. Includes the original box which cleverly doubled as the air compressor; which still has its original wrap around paper advertisement and insert. Rather than a mini-booklet, included inside the box was a double sided full color wholesaler catalog page! 

I purchased this from an elderly couple who bought many toys in the event that they're grandchildren would visit them. And like so many of these toys it was never played with; but instead attic stored for the past 50+ years.

The Jack Hammer is made from solid, heavy duty type of plastic riveted together in eight different points. It operates LOUDLY and mechanically whenever the drill bit is forcefully pushed up into the hammer. Once released the drill emerges with a loud repetitive Ack-Ack-Ack sound. The black metal arm at the top of the handle can be squeezed for added realism. 

It has both of its original yellow and black Nylint Toys Jack Hammer decals on each side. Both are 100% complete. 

Nylint came up with a unique concept which incorporated the box as an integral part of the toy. Attached to one side of the Hammer is a 4 foot long vinyl hose. The other end of the hose has a removable black plug. The plug would be inserted through a die cut hole on the red "ventilator" box endflap (see 1st photo). The hose is then reattached to the plug thereby connecting the box to the jack hammer. This effectively transformed the box into an air compressor unit with the graphics making it even more realistic. I've never seen this idea used on any other toy. 

Nylint produced their Junior Jack Hammer for only two years. As far as I know no other mechanical jack hammer toy was ever made again. 

The beautifully illustrated black, yellow and red box became the "air compressor" support for the jack hammer once it was connected using the 4ft. hose. It has a wrap around illustration of a young tyke drilling away to his hearts delight. This paper was meant to be torn off the box and is only stapled to it at the bottom. It's amazing that it still exists at all and that it's complete! Also included is its original die cut cardboard insert with two holes which secures the bit while inside the box. 

Instead of a standard mini-booklet, a double sided full color wholesalers catalog page was inside the box. It shows 10 other Nylint toys in addition to the Jack Hammer. 

Size: 19½" long with bit fully extended. Box 15" x 5½" x 8½". 

Sold: Jun. 2010

Price Sold: $ 213


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