1950 Marx Siren Signal Pistol In Original Box

1950 Marx Siren Signal Pistol In Original Box

This Marx Siren Signal Shooter Pistol is one of the most difficult to find post war plastic hand gun toys. Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys, Volume 1 list it's "value" as NRS, or No Recent Sale. In other words at the time of publication here was no known sale to base it on. The Guide also indicated that the toy was red and misidentified the name to include the word "Shooter". "Shooter" is embossed into the right side of the frame, but it's not on the box title.

The toy is solidly built and was most likely never played with. Bright yellow throughout it features a large, enclosed plastic siren on its right side. Repetitive squeezing of the fan-like white trigger produces a loud, high pitched noise. It works beautifully and consistently. It's still stamped with its original 59¢ price on the bottom of the grip.

The box is fantastic! Printed only in yellow, black and red the main panels show two smiling young lads squeezing off a few rounds. The kid in front (wearing a red cap) holds the pistol which emits a lightening bolt of red color. Inside the bolt the title "Signal Pistol" is spelled out in large blocked white letters (of course, with the Marx logo just beneath it). A second kid holds has to plug his ears to protect them from the "whee" sound. The side panels and endflaps include the name and small profile illustration.

I sold this same exact toy and box nearly 6 years ago. Since that time it's still the only example I've seen.

Size: 6½" long

Date Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 69


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