1957 Strenco, Rocket Transporter ST1100 in Original Box

1957 Strenco, Rocket Transporter ST1100 in Original Box

Unusual mobile rocket gantry transporter complete with original 8½" long rubber tipped firing rocket. Manufactured by Strenco (L. Streng & Co., Nuremberg, Germany). Marked "Made in Western Germany". Comes complete with awesome color illustrated original box plus original instructions.

Beautifully designed toy features a mobile driven, crank wind gear elevated rocket gantry with firing missile. Gantry can be raised to a fully perpendicular position pointing straight up! And this baby really shoots so please be careful (or you'll shoot your eye out). Horizontally it can travel 15 ft. or more, while straight up it'll rise by 10 ft. before it descends. Rocket automatically fires by pushing against the red gantry switch on its right side. Rocket constructed from an aluminum shell with orange plastic fins, and tipped with a 3" hollow rubber warhead. The firing mechanism works beautifully!

The truck has a steel lithoed trailer, gantry, cab roof, and operator seat. The yellow motor housing and two black exhaust buttons are plastic. Front bumper and grille are metal. Truck incorporates 10 solid rubber heavy tread tires with embossed metal plated hubs. It also has an 11th spare tire mounted directly to the trailer just behind the cab. 

Fantastic box has a full panel color (ethereal)  illustration of the rocket just as it blasts off. A huge exhaust plume covers the lower section of the box. The blue sky, clouds, and green mountains can be seen in the background. Another rocket awaits launching. Adding to its "atomic appeal" is a space age supersonic jet zooming across the skies above the launch pads. I thought this illustration was so neat that I used it in for my first photo. The box side panels show a portrait view of the transporter with the rocket in the horizontal flat position. Schematics for loading and firing appear on the opposite panel (not shown). The manufacturer name and address were printed on the end flaps. It still has its original price sticker written in Deutsch Marks. 

The little pink instruction sheet was printed in English on one side and German on the other. They're broken down into three sections which are fairly complex. It's signed "The Manufacturers".

Size: 12¾" long and tall. 

Sold: Oct. 2006

Price Sold: $ 128


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