c.1955 T.P.S., Gay 90's Cyclist in Original Box

c.1955 T.P.S., Gay 90's Cyclist in Original Box

Superb mint in box example of one the more obscure tin litho mechanical toys manufactured by T.P.S. (Toplay Ltd., Japan). The Gay 90's Cyclist features a barbershop quartette looking figure riding a high wheel tricycle. Scarce toy comes with its even scarcer original box.  

The concept of a tin litho figure peddling an old time high wheel tricycle must've been appealing because it was also used for Goofy and Popeye. However, despite the training wheels the toy has a tendency to fall over. Nicks, chips, and scratches were usually quickly acquired. A pristine mint condition example is tough to come by. Actually this toy in any condition is difficult to find.  

The tricycle is all tin litho. It's powered by a clockwork motor housed underneath the rear bell. The figure's head, hands, and shoes are also tin litho. The hat is celluloid. The bell in back was beautifully lithoed in red, blue, and yellow with "1890" using a classic font. It was lithoed with a silver exterior and black trim. The T.P.S. logo also appears on the bell. 

The figure wears a fabric coat, tie, and trousers. All are original. It uses an attached key which was painted blue at the factory. As the toy moves forward, his legs alternate with realistic up and down movement. The legs appear jointed at the hips, knees and ankles. The bell rings simultaneously as the figure pumps away. 

The box shows a rather snobbish looking gent peddling his high wheel trike down a cobblestone street. The scene shows him paying no attention to the young women he passes. Even dogs get out of his way! The side panels show silhouettes of several bicycle riders including a couple riding tandem.   

Size: 6½" tall, 2½" wide. 

Sold: Nov. 2006

Price Sold: $ 788


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