1955 Marx, Lumar City Construction Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

1955 Marx, Lumar City Construction Co. Dump Truck in Original Box

A unique combination of red, white, and blue lithography plus its outstanding near mint condition sets this truck apart from most others. It's one of the most eye-catching pressed steel vehicles I've seen. It comes complete with its high grade excellent+ original box. The toy appears to have never been played with. 

Coloration combined with extensive embossing and detail really makes it appear three dimensional. For example, the cab has no less than five levels of embossing; each one slightly lower than the next. Color was used repetitively to delineate each level.

Looking at it the other way the trailer has the least amount of embossing and was colored solid blue. Details such as symmetrically placed rivet heads were lithoed around the edges of the cab overhang (both top and underside), on the inside floor of the dump bed, and incredibly enough on the underside of the dump bed.

The underside of the dump bed was also covered with designs to simulate beveled edges and hydraulics. The letters "D-U-M-P" were each placed inside their own recessed cavity with high embossed ridges between them. The white letters against the blue background really make them stand out. The Marx logo appears just below the passenger side door.

Other features include a separately tabbed grille assembly and bumper, a swing-up tail gate and solid rubber tires. The friction drive is rather unusual. Instead of using gears to produce the friction, the old technique of rapidly spinning a heavy, circular wheel of solid lead attached to the rear axle was used. This gives greater distance and speed (although I didn't want to verify that by scooting it along the floor).

The green and white box consists of printed text without illustrations. It's complete with all eight original endflaps. 

Size: 12" x 5¾" x 5". 

Sold: Dec. 2006

Price Sold: $ 907


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