1947 Marx, Jumpin Jeep in Original Box

1947 Marx, Jumpin Jeep in Original Box

Superb post-war mechanical tin litho vehicle featuring four military men in uniform driving erratically moving vehicle. Includes scarce original box. 

Similar to other "eccentric" vehicles made by Marx, the jeep's movement is random; front, back, turning, is all variable. Colorful toy designed in a pale yellow and khaki color and set with large black treaded wheels with brown centers. Front passenger holds machine gun, two rear passengers hold carbine rifle.

Windshield consists of a windowless rectangular metal ribbon.  Rear wheels 2¾", front wheels 1½". The three dimensional heads used in this toys were the same as used in several pre-war racers.

Terrific box illustrated with cartoon like characters in bright contrasting colors. Two panels show the jeep with officers pointing and peeping out in amazement. Other two panels show the four men riding their jeep up a rocky mountain terrain. 

The toy originally sold for 79¢.

Size: 5¾" x 4½".

Sold: Dec. 2006

Price Sold: $ 282


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