1934 Uncut Sheet of Tarzan Ice Cream Cup, Store Posters

1934 Uncut Sheet of Tarzan Ice Cream Cup, Store Posters

Huge uncut sheet of nine, original, brilliant full color Tarzan Ice Cream Cup premium posters printed in 1934. Stored in a large sealed box, away from light, they're just as clean, bright and colorful as you could get after 72 years. The printer's centering arrow's can still be seen on two edges.

The original owner operated the printing machine which made the posters. He brought this one home with him back in '34. I purchased it from his son a few years ago.  They're listed in Hake's Guide To Character Toys, 6th edition as TRZ-84, TRZ-85, and TRZ-87.

The series includes three each, of three different illustrations. 

  • TRZ-84 12" x18". Shows Tarzan grabbing an enraged cheetah just as it's about to pounce on Jane. Tarzan has his knife raised ready to plunge into the maddening feline. Just above is printed "Grow Strong and Healthy, Enjoy Ice Cream Tarzan Cups.
  • TRZ-85 10" x 20". This illustration shows Tarzan with knife at the ready, on the back of a rearing lion which is just about to devour two "innocent" helpless (and buxom) explorers. "Ask for 5¢ Tarzan Ice Cream Cups" splashes across the lower half of the poster. 
  • TRZ-87 10" x 20". Short, wide panel illustration shows Tarzan riding a charging lion. The enraged beast seems to be attacking the letter "N". Actually he's leaping after the helpless lass on the other end of the poster. The text "5¢ Delicious Ice Cream Tarzan Cups" cover half of this poster.

All three poster types were used by participating stores to advertise a contest sponsored by Whitman, publisher of the Big Little Books. After redeeming 12 ice cream cup lids, the kiddies would receive one of 12 Whitman Big Little Books. They then had to tear the back page from the Big Little Books to trade them in for one of "five grand prizes" including a "beautiful pearl handled 4-blade scout knife illustrated with Tarzan's picture on both sides". Not an easy thing to do when you consider that this was during the depths of The Depression. The posters themselves were used to advertise the contest and were not offered to the general public. The original illustrator is unknown as the posters are all unsigned.

Size: 38" x 45"

Sold: Sep. 2006

Price Sold: $ 1010


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