1939 Marx, Monkey Cyclist in Original Box

1939 Marx, Monkey Cyclist in Original Box

This Monkey Cyclist in original box was the second of two versions produced by Marx. An all tin litho model was first available in 1933. About the only thing identical between the two toys is the mechanical mechanism which makes it move. Pushing down on the lever behind the monkey stretches an internal spring which is attached to several gears. When you let go of the spring it pulls the gears which rotate the rear axle. Simple, yet ingenious. This is also the first time I've found the original box for this version. 

It's a neat toy. Basically it's a pedaling monkey enjoying his tricycle. The figure is embossed tin litho with pressed fiberboard limbs. The tricycle frame and handlebars are either a heavier gauge tinplate, or possibly pressed steel. The large yellow, red, and black front wheel is the same used on some of the Marx eccentric cars. The balloon type black tread rear tires are identical to those used on many of the Marx airplanes. 

The original box shows a cartoon like illustration of a wide-eared happy chimp pedaling through the clouds. He's shown in a large bubble supported by two other simians dressed in long frocked coats with epaulets. The side panels show a profile of the cartoon monkey on a street. Looks like he's ready to mow down a bird in front of him. Both endflaps were printed with the name of the toy and the "new" 1939 Marx logo. 

Size: 5½" long x 5¾" tall.

Sold: Jan. 2007

Price Sold: $ 936


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