1923 Kingsbury, Mechanical Tractor & Trailer in Original Box

1923 Kingsbury, Mechanical Tractor & Trailer in Original Box

Early pressed steel clockwork motor tractor with open sides pulls a open two wheel trailer. Both have original red paint. Includes cast iron driver and all six original, white Kingsbury embossed rubber tires with blue hubs. Comes complete with original Kingsbury box.

The tractor is an airport baggage style vehicle with "Kingsbury Tractor" embossed on both sides of the hood. The radiator is squared and is painted gold on the sides and top. It's embossed with a dimpled grille and has its original radiator cap. The front axle can be positioned for forward or circular movement. The motor is located between the two rear wheels and has the characteristic wide style Kingsbury attached key. It works great!

The driver is original, but probably a very old repaint. Seat is an authentic looking bucket style tractor seat. Sunburst steering wheel is cast iron and has original paint. 

The open sided trailer has rolled edges on both side and is embossed with raised slats. The tailgate is stationary. It attaches to the tractor using its original "T" hitch. The tractor has plenty of power to pull the trailer's weight. 

The particularly scarce original box is thin, single wall cardboard. One endflap is printed with the manufacturer's name and the name of the toy. The box is complete with all six original interior and exterior endflaps.  

Size: 11½" x 3½".

Sold: Feb. 2005

Price Sold: $ 625


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