1962 Spear's Games, The Race To Mars! in Original Box

1962 Spear's Games, The Race To Mars! in Original Box

Outstanding mint in near mint box space game with sealed playing pieces. Never played. Purchased from the original buyer who was an early game collector. It was purchased in 43 years ago and promptly stored.

Produced by Spear's Games in England. The box cover features a fantastic full color illustration of 50's style rockets racing to the Red Planet avoiding explosions, meteorites and Saturn(?) along the way. Earth appears off in the distance. A circular space station with several "appendages" is also shown. It's printed on heavy stock canvas-like, textured material laminated to cardboard.

Simple to play game; throw die...move spaces....read corresponding numbered directions printed on the inside cover. Includes 9½" square cardboard full color playing surface illustrated with missiles, rockets, satellites, aliens, planets, and even a couple flying saucers tossed in.

Contents includes plastic die tumbler, tiny blue plastic dice (actually one die), six colored plastic player discs sealed in bag, and a a gray plastic button shaped piece. This last item one is kind of odd. It's not mentioned in the directions and it's embossed with an exact replica of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter. It's possible that the X-Wing piece got mixed into this game from one of the other hundreds of games owned by this collector. 

Size: 10¾" x 5½" x 1".

Sold: Feb. 2005

Price Sold: $ 158


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