c.1925, Chein Tinplate Clockwork Racer #3

c.1925, Chein Tinplate Clockwork Racer #3

This neat little spring driven, wind-up tin litho auto was the first of several #3 racer's produced by the Chein Company. It features a strong spring powered motor with three "step-down" gears. 

Over its 80 years in existence its original brilliant orange body has mellowed to a rich amber. The hunched-over driver exhibits the characteristic mid-1920's sports car attire including a buttoned-up neck leather jacket, leather cap (turned backwards to avoid getting into the eyes), and large racing goggles. 

There are several ways to determine the age of the toy. Primarily is the style of the Chein logo. It was used from the 1910's until the mid to late 1920's. You can find it on the right passenger door. Secondly the hubs on all four wheels were stamped slightly off-center. You see this only in some of the oldest toys. And lastly a flat two-dimensional driver was used only during Chein's early years. It was an unstable design and was quickly replaced.

Size: 6¼". 

Sold: Aug. 2005

Price Sold: $ 180


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