1947 Marx, Mechanical Miniature Freight Train Set in Original Box

1947 Marx, Mechanical Miniature Freight Train Set in Original Box

Technically classified as "subminiature" five car train set was the last mini-set produced by Marx which had no plastic components. It's completely tinplate including the wheels. This particular example has never been played with and grades high near mint to mint condition. It's complete with the original box and train set display box.

It was sold with everything to get you up and running. The train runs on a large lithographed tinplate layout board embossed with a channel to provide a track. It has two tunnels on opposite sides. The one in the foreground represents the train station complete with drug store and barber shop. The other represents a hilly countryside and shows a large lake for fishing and sailing. The back side of this same tunnel shows a winding farm road. It passes between a set of gates, through several farms and leads to a snow covered mountain far off in the distance. 

The layout board depicts a small town, realistically illustrated in perspective. The immediate foreground leading from Union Station leads down a brick pathway to the street. Car roofs and an office building are directly below. Off to the left is the town park complete with dirt path, a water fountain, several trees and benches. Across the street from the station is a country club with its low rambling hills, several buildings, a lake, and a golf club. A bus and auto make their way to the stone walled entrance.

The five piece train set is number 376. It consists of a clockwork driven 3-7/8" long torpedo-type streamlined locomotive. The wheels are stamped tin with the exception of the left rear which is rubber to provide traction. It also has a 2" long Marlines Trailblazer tender, a 3" long gondola marked "VIRGINIAN", a 3" long boxcar marked "Great Northern", and a  2½" long Marlines caboose. Each car has stamped tin wheels and couplers. It comes with its original cast metal key in its original Marx paper bag. The key is an unusual type designed to resemble the larger Marx trains. The five cars comes with their original die cut window display box with insert. 

The main box panels have a fantastic color illustration of the streamlined torpedo locomotive emerging from a tunnel. The long side panels show a portrait drawing of all five cars coupled together.

Size: Toy 21½" x 13" x 2½". 

Sold: Apr. 2005

Price Sold: $ 280


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