1936 Marx, Miniature Mechanical Steel Tipper Dump Truck

1936 Marx, Miniature Mechanical Steel Tipper Dump Truck

This pressed steel tipper dump truck is one of a seldom seen assortment of six trucks. It's the first example I've seen of any of the six. Known as the "mechanical miniature toy assortment" its total length is only 4½". Check out the second photo below.

This series included most of the features found on the larger Marx trucks, but all in miniature. Tin plated headlight/grille assembly, tipper dump bed (although it raises only ½"), wooden wheels, square windshield with rounded corners, and tear drop fenders. These are all found on larger models.

However I'm not aware of any other toy that uses a powerful 1¾" x ½" steel encased clockwork motor. Even more intriguing is that the motor is movable. The front has an insert which is mounted onto a copper axle (in addition to the two wheel axles). This allows the motor to shift from side to side. Notice that the axle holes for the front wheels are "U" shaped. This permits the truck to steer straight, left or right. When the truck makes a turn, centrifugal force shifts the motor to the opposite side of the turn. This, in effect, balances the vehicle and keeps it from falling over. Pretty neat!

This truck was one of a large, old collection of Marx toys which only recently surfaced. It included many unusual items. Hand built prototypes and toys I've never seen before comprised many of them. This truck's high grade condition indicates that although it was handled, it was never actually played with. Most likely it was in this collection for a very long time.

Size: 4½" x 1½" wide. 

Sold: Mar. 2005

Price Sold: $ 333


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