c.1962 Nomura, Space Race Car (Super Jet V-7)

c.1962 Nomura, Space Race Car (Super Jet V-7)

Fantastic battery operated, embossed tinplate space toy with multiple simultaneous action. Very scarce toy features helmeted astronaut pilot with articulated waist, shoulders, and arms. The pilot grips the handles of a 6½" tin litho swiveling cannon. The last ¾" of the barrel tip is flanged and die cut with red celluloid windows. A small bulb in the gun barrel lights up the windows. The rear horizontal tail wings manually move in and out of the fuselage (they were not electrified).

Flip the switch and the vehicle moves with super fast bump and go action. Any turn of the jet causes the astronaut to "react" in the opposite direction. Simultaneously he turns the gun in the opposite direction. While all this is going on it emits a loud grating noise. The best thing about this toy; everything works beautifully!

The completeness of this toy includes the original blue tinted celluloid astronaut face plate, rubber nose cone, detailed space radio with original aluminum antenna, battery box cover, and intact space gun with green tinted styrene bubble housing. It's four solid rubber tires are all there without any tread wear.

Although "Super Jet" is lithoed onto the nose of the vehicle the correct name for this toy (as listed on its box, if I had one) is "Space Race Car". 

Size: 12" fuselage with 7" wingspan, 5½" tall. 

Sold: Feb. 2005

Price Sold: $ 481


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