c.1961 Takatoku, Jaguar XKE GTX 753 Roadster In Original Box

c.1961 Takatoku, Jaguar XKE GTX 753 Roadster In Original Box

Gorgeous black and yellow tin litho friction drive Jaguar XKE GTX-753 2-door sport roadster manufactured by Takatoku (T.T. trademark in rear window well. Spectacular looking 10½" long vehicle....no way for my photo's to do it any justice! And on top of that it also comes with its original box!

Classic XKE design is instantly recognizable with its elongated front hood and slanting rear end. The hood is embossed with a wide raised center and it has parallel hood vents on either side. Incised embossing delineates the hood, trunk, and doors. The front end has a wrap around bumper. The rear bumper is also wrap around, but it's a split style with license plate in the center. The head lights are authentic slanted oval polished tin and are also embossed! Tires are solid black rubber with ultra-high raised chrome plated sunburst hubs. The chassis is a single embossed flat black lithoed plate.

The tin litho interior was done in red and black. Bucket seats front and back were embossed. The steering wheel is plastic. Front and rear windshields are blue tinted celluloid with polished tin frames.

Then there's the brilliant yellow and black "yellow jacket" lithography which features a wide off-center black and white racing stripe running the entire length of the car. "JAGUAR" is lithoed vertically down the left side of the front hood, while adjacent to the front left headlight is an accurate 60s style Jaguar trademark. Narrow black racing stripes are lithoed across each door with "GTX-753" appearing in white lettering. The rear license plate also reads "Jaguar".

The rear wheels are friction powered. The motor works well, but only for a few turns.

The box features a full panel color illustration of the yellow and black GT. It looks like Dad is doing the driving with two kids in the back and three more outside. The cover was printed with both the Jaguar and T.T. trademarks. The front and rear aprons show another view of the car on a mountain highway. The shorter box sides again include the name of the car and both Jaguar and T.T. trademarks.

Size: 10½"

Sold: Dec. 2009

Price Sold: $ 204


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