c.1954 Shioji, GMC Tractor Trailer Truck Set in Original Box

c.1954 Shioji, GMC Tractor Trailer Truck Set in Original Box

Fantastic 4pc. tin litho "Assorted 3 Trailers" GMC Tractor Trailer Truck Set in original box with insert. Include one cab and 3 interchangeable trailers. All in near mint+ to mint unplayed condition. 

Set includes bright red cab with black roof, hitch, and black tanks, and features the GMC logo embossed on the chrome plated front grille. Shioji's triple "S" logo was separately tabbed to both doors. Runs on friction powered motor which works great. Front tires are single mounted while rear's are tandem. Plus a 7th spare tire permanently mounted to the chassis!. Wheel covers, headlamps and bumper are all chrome plated. Note:  the chassis hitch doesn't have a single nick, mark, or scratch on it!

Includes 3 different trailer bodies; U.S. Mail, P.I.E. (Pacific Intermountain Express) and Blue Bird Thoroughbred Horses. All three have a single pull-out latching door (Mail and PIE truck open from the rear, Horse truck opens from the right side). All have two pairs of rear wheels plus a stationary 5th metal parking wheel. Each trailer is embossed on the sides with raised parallel lines. These also strengthen the side panels to prevent denting. All three are the same length with differences only in lithography (and the door placement). The Horse trailer also has six sets of triple die cut windows with chrome plated frames. Note: Like the cab chassis, none of the three trailers have any marks on their hitching pegs. 

Original box features a montage of 3 color illustrations which represent the different trailers in action; The U.S. Mail trailer speeds out of the city, the P.I.E is shown leaving the steam ship docks, while the Horse trailer parks on a green meadow with single horse nearby. The Shioji world class logo was printed in the lower right corner. The box also includes the 4-way separation insert, as well as the raised die cut insert to hold the cab in place. 

Size: Cab 4½". Trailers 6½". Box 13" x 2½" x 7".

Sold: Jul. 2012

Price Sold: $ 291


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